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Finally one can download the latest news to read them online! Great idea and a quick free app!


I agree just because we are in America doesnt mean other languages arent interesting. Great app im learning french and this is helping.

A fun and interesting way to help with learning French

Good practice, interesting content, and its Free. Whats not to love?

French Speaking part of Switzerland

Just to make things straight, the application concerns a free Swiss newspaper called "20 Minutes which exists in French and German (yes, in Switzerland we speak many languages... hence the need to have different versions). I usually pick it up in the mornings but it will be nice to have an electronic copy which fits in my pocket!


I found the photos section now I have no complaints!

A GREAT little French app

Finally...an easy-to-use app for my iPhone that gives me the latest news in French. This is a great little app that quickly downloads the updates. I highly recommend it if youre a French-speaker whos looking to read the latest news on the go. Bravo et bien fait!

Worked ok for months, now it crashes, not just for me!

Got this months ago and is my favorite news app (I live in Switzerland). Now, on starting, it crashes, going back to the iphone home screen. My guess is that there is a server side error as I am not the only one with this problem! I still give it a thumbs up and hope they get it back up & running soon!

Excellent app!

If you follow world news and want to read something that doesnt originate inside the US or a non-French-speaking country, and if you have a passing ability to read French, this app is terrific! 5 stars.

No videos on wifi

Impossible to watch videos of on wifi !!!!

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